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Bosley Brangier offers the finest in hand-tailored, or “bespoke,” clothing for men and women. We specialize in suits and jackets, an extensive line of shirtings for business or social occasions, as well as a complete line of equestrian attire. Our garments feature hand-tailoring and assembly of an extensive selection of the finest imported and domestic fabrics.

We believe your clothes should be a reflection of your own taste and personality. They should be fitted to your own dimensions, not just “cut down” and “filled out” against some idealized model or sizing chart. The choice of fabric, finishing details and style should all combine to give you the comfort and confidence to look and feel your best.

While most ready-to-wear clothing today is predominantly machine-made and sewn, Bosley Brangier’s bespoke clothing features hand-made collars and gorges with hand-felled lapels, shoulders, sleeves and armholes to offer unrivaled comfort and suppleness. And they are crafted in a way to ensure that they will last long after any “off-the-rack” clothing has worn out.

If you want your clothes to fit better, last longer and give you the comfort and confidence that make you look your best, we invite your inquiry.

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